• Wonderful workplace = happy people

    Help people to report issues inside your building with QR codes

  • Be notified in real-time for any problems inside your building

    When people find an issue, they scan the nearby QR code with their smartphone to alert you. You immediately receive an email and a SMS containing the details of the incident.

  • An unprecedented simplicity, helping you to stay focused on your job

    No software to install. You manage everything with your online account: from the creation of your QR codes to the monitoring of the incidents. And if you move all the time or if you are very busy, you can also manage incidents by using SMS. You don't have to stay in front of your computer all the time. Very useful !

  • Customize your stickers

    You can customize the design of your stickers (colors, texts,...) and add your logo on them. Once they are ready to be printed, you can do that by yourself. But if you want, we can print them and send them to you by mail.

  • We are everywhere in the world

    Whether you are in Australia, United States, Norway or Brazil, ScanAsk is there. Our IT infrastructure allows us to cover all the Earth. We can print and deliver your stickers by mail, anywhere you are :)

  • An easy way for people to notify you

    As QR code scanning is a very easy and simple manipulation, people are more motivated to spontaneously report problems.

  • As many QR codes as you want

    Create an unique QR code for each meeting room, each coffee machine, and so on... By this way, you know exactly where is the problem when someone scans a QR code.


    Scan this QR Code with your smartphone

    If you have an iPhone with at least iOS 11, you only have to point the camera at the QR Code and it will be automatically detected. If you have an older iOS or an Android smartphone, you can find a tons of free apps on the Appstore/Playstore.


    For Android, we highly recommand the Barcode Scanner application (from the ZXing Team)

  • Contact Us

    Don't be afraid to reach out. You + us = awesome.